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D2W 18-23 kg


Hygiene Barrier Washers D2W 18-23 Kg

D2W 18 and 23 kg hygiene barrier industrial washing machine are ideal for small and medium-sized structures.

The hygiene barrier washers are suitable as hospital washing machine.

With two doors, one for loading and one for unloading, the infected linen can be loaded in the dedicated infected linen room and the clean linen can be unloaded from the opposite side in a separate room.
The clean side door is programmed to remain locked until the infected side door is closed and until completion of at least one wash cycle.
The infected side door is programmed to remain locked until the clean side door is closed after unloading operations have been completed.
Programming, adding detergent and maintenance take place from the dirty side, to avoid the risk of contamination and maintain a high level of hygiene.


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